Raising 24m tower

The 24m tower was raised Oct-10 2014. Mike SJ2W was helping me. All was prepared so when the truck with the palfinger crane arrived it took only about 45 minutes until the tower was raised, the guy wires where in place and the the hook was released.

The antennas will be put in place during the summer 2015. Plans is to put up

6/6 el for 10m
6 el for 12m
5 el for 17m
and maybe a 6m Yagi on a tube 3m over the top.

Two guy rings for 24m tower is overkill but as I had two rings and the lower guy wires where in place I decide to use them both. There will be TV-antennas and 5GHz Link antennas mounted on the lower ring.

Photos: SJ2W/Mike and SM2OAN/Mike

The tower assembled and ready to raise. We started early the sun is just comming up over the horizon.
Truck arriving as agreed.

We tested how high he could lift with a measuring tape before we hooked up the tower.

Handy with the remote control.


Taking down the 36m tower small_20141018_090407
Tower raised and the guy wires streched.

Time to climb up and release the hook.

small_20141018_090720 IMG_4262 IMG_4263 small_20141018_095852

The antenna assembly has to wait until the spring, the snow is here any day now.