Raising the 36m tower

The 36m tower was raised again at my QTH in June 2013. SM2NOG/H-G and SJ2W/Mike was doing the climbing. I was only putting up the lowest antenna for the photo session.

Photo: SJ2W/Mike


small_img_0118A rock will be used for one of the guy wires.

small_img_0119 small_img_0120The tower is placed on a huge rock. The ball bearing is in place,

small_img_0121  1/2″ cables in place for all all antennas

small_img_0122A forrest full of antennas.

small_img_0126The crane is arriving

small_img_0127H-G or SM2NOG is preparing himself for climbing

small_img_0130 small_img_0131A very compact thing, he can lift 24m

small_img_0132The crane is hooked to the tower,it will be raised in one piece.

small_img_0133small_img_0135small_img_0136small_img_0137H-G is on his way up to hook off the crane.

small_img_0138small_img_0140small_img_0141Now it’s standing by it self without support from the crane.

small_img_0142H-G is checking that it’s not tilted.

small_img_0143Ny self, a bit confused ?

small_img_0144The chain for the rotator in place.

small_img_0145Time to put up the antennas.

small_img_0148The 40m antenna winched up, H-G is on his way up to fasten it to the tower.

small_img_0152H-G in action.

small_img_0155small_img_01566m antenna is temporary fastened under the 40m to avoid obstruction to the next antenna on the way up.

small_img_015720m antenna assembled

small_img_0158small_img_0159small_img_0160We had to move down to the beach to get room for the bigger antennas

small_img_016420m antenna winched up

small_img_0170 The 30m antenna has been stored in the other tower over the winter.

small_img_0178small_img_0187The 15m antenna on the way up while we started to assemble the second 20m antenna.

small_img_0188The 15m antenna almost up.

small_img_0182The other 16m tower looks small.

small_img_0189The 17m antenna ready to go up.

small_img_0192Im on the way up to fasten the 12m yagi, the last antenna.

small_img_0194small_img_0196small_img_0199We took down some tree also. The wire winch is remote controlled over RF so the climber can control it by him self if he want. it’s also electronically controlled so it’s starts very slow so you can adjust  millimeters by millimeters.small_img_0200All antennas in place now it’s time for H-G to connect the antennas to the 1/2″ feeders. The 6m antenna has to be moved down also.