QTH: Pos: 65° 42′ 45” N, 23° 46′ 1” E (KP15VR)

Seskarö is a island of great natural beauty in the northern part of Bay of Botnia about 90 km south of the Artic circle and near the Haparanda Archipelago National Park. Today the population is about 550..Here you can find silence and peace. The air is fresh and the nature has great variety with beautiful hiking treks. In the winter here is snow, ice, silence and northern light. In early springtime you van enjoy the sunshine again and do some ice fishing and skiing on the ice. In the summer the gentle sea breeze caresses the island and the midnight sun is shining all around the clock. My summer house is situated on the southeast coast of the island and about 20m from the sea side.
Operator: Mike (sm2oan/se2r/sm2o/7s2s)

Photo: SJ2W

Antennas Tower 1:
40m 2 el @37m
20m 5/5 el @19/34m
30m 2 el @29m
6m  6 el @25m
15m 5/5 el @22/32m

Antennas Tower 2:

6m 9 el @ 28m
10m 6/6 el @15/25m
17m 5 el @22m
12m 6 el @19m

Fullsize Vertical 1/4 wave for 80m, Switchable matching coil makes it work on 160m

Rig: Flex 6600, Elecraft K3, Expert 2K-FA